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Skill Builders

The Skill Builders for English language arts and mathematics program helps your child to improve basic skills, increase confidence, and develop good work habits, organizational skills and proficiency in written language and/or mathematics skills, easing the transition into the next grade. These classes are available on a weekly basis (weekday mornings, 9:00 to 11:30 AM) throughout our summer programming.

The Skill Builders for French language arts program focuses on oral and written language acquisition appropriate to your child’s age and grade in core and immersion French. These classes are available on a weekly basis (weekday mornings, 9:00 to 11:30 AM) during the first 4 weeks of our six-week summer programming.

Benefits of Skill Builders: In our program, our parents and students appreciate …

Areas Covered in Skill Builders: According to the individual’s needs and number of weeks of registration, the program can include …


A summer educational assessment is available to measure achievement in English language arts and mathematics relative to grade level. This is not required but is very useful in maximizing student success. We do not offer assessments for French. Please see Summer Assessments.

Feedback and Reporting

In all Skill Builders programs, you will receive an introductory call or email from the teacher to review the objectives for your child. This contact will be made just prior to the beginning of your child’s program. During a program of 2 weeks or more, teacher feedback is given by telephone or email. We welcome at any time parents’ input and questions regarding their child’s progress. Also, all students receive a copy of their personal weekly work schedule (Week In Review) from the teacher. Students who attend 3 or more consecutive weeks in the same Skill Builders program receive a written report.