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Turnbull School

A Private Elementary School in Ottawa

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High School Prep

Our very popular High School Prep course is designed for the specific writing, study and organizational skills needs of students who have just completed Grade 8,  offering an ideal opportunity to make a successful transition into high school.

High school teachers have often communicated to us that some students are ill-prepared for entering Grade 9, particularly in terms of:

Since 1986, our High School Prep course has been covering these areas, resulting in hundreds of students gaining confidence and becoming better prepared for the responsibilities and challenges of their high school years.

Students’ priorities tend to relate more to making a smooth social transition into high school; therefore, the better equipped they are to efficiently study and manage their time, set goals and communicate well in writing, the more time they will have to devote to the other enjoyable aspects of school life! This course helps prepare students for this transition.

Classes begin with one week in August emphasizing effective writing and introducing study skills. The writing component hones the craft of writing and its application across the curriculum. Students develop improved written communication skills following the steps of the writing process.

Follow Up Sessions

The students return in September for two additional 1.5 hour sessions on Sundays. These 2 follow up sessions focus on organizational and study skills techniques, such as effective learning and review strategies and note-taking skills. Students benefit from the practical application of these techniques to their high school course material.