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Real Programming 4 Kids

This summer your child can learn to program video games ‘from the ground up’. Imagine learning university level Computer Programming while still a kid!

RP4K teaches real industry standard programming languages, including Visual Basic, C++, C#, Java, Python and JavaScript to small groups of students grouped by age and programming level. RP4K now uses ALICE (developed by Carnegie Mellon University) to teach the youngest students who are eager to start learning programming.

There are never more than 4 kids per instructor and always one computer per student. Since 2004, RP4K has been running this popular Ottawa Game Programming camp. All camps will be located at Turnbull School. RP4K  is pleased to offer a 10% discount to Turnbull Day School students.

Call Real Programming 4 Kids™, 1-877-307-3456, to schedule a Free Trial Class, or for the application form and more information, visit their website, www.realprogramming.com.