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Senior soccer tournament 2012Our Tornadoes teams are activities that require a significant time commitment. These sports are run once or twice a week during period eight and after school until 4:00 p.m. and occasionally at lunchtime. On some days, games will go to 4:30, with a couple of overnight trips throughout the year. These teams participate in the Ottawa Independent Schools Athletic Association (OISAA) competitions, as well as in a number of exhibition games against other Ottawa and Montreal school teams.

Our sports programs take place as follows:

September and October:
Cross-Country Running, SoccerSoccer

November and December:
Badminton, Basketball (tryouts)

January to March Break:
Basketball, Volleyball (tryouts in late February), Hockey (begins in February)

Post March Break to Late April:
Hockey (ends mid-April), Volleyball (Smashball and Triple Ball); Track (Tryouts in late April)

May to End of Year:
Track, Ultimate, Flag Rugby

This schedule is achieved while still ensuring that all students receive a forty minute period of physical education each day. As a result, all students have ample opportunity to develop and engage in a wide variety of activities, including fitness.

In addition, two lunchtime sessions per five day cycle are set aside for intramural leagues and activities within the senior and junior divisions, and one session for each primary school grade. Students participate in a wide array of both individual and team activities. Our intramural program allows students of all abilities to compete in a friendly and spirited environment. Senior students are provided the opportunity to organize, coach, officiate and mentor their peers.

At the end of the school year, students from grade one to eight participate in our Turnbull Track Meet at Terry Fox Athletic Facility. This is always an enjoyable day for all, as students compete in running, throwing and jumping events against students in their grade and try to earn points for their spirit squad.

Over the years our intramural sports program has proven to be a unifying force within the school community.