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Granting and Unveiling of Turnbull School’s Coat of Arms

Address given by Founder, Mary Ann Turnbull, April 9, 2013 on the occasion of the granting and unveiling of the School’s Coat of Arms by the Governor General of Canada, His Excellency, the Right Honourable David Johnston, the official proclamation by the Chief Herald of Canada and the attendance of Her Excellency, Mrs. Sharon Johnston.


Your Excellencies, we are so pleased to have you with us today, and for granting us the opportunity, and honour, to have a unique Coat of Arms for the School. Your presence today makes it such a memorable occasion that will always have a special place in our School’s history.

I also want to express my appreciation to the Chief Herald, Dr. Boudreau, for your leadership with the creative team of Heralds who designed and painted this beautiful Coat of Arms.

It was a very rewarding and educational process, and I enjoyed working closely with the Assiniboine Herald, Mr. Kennedy. His attention to detail and thoughtful approach has resulted in an inspirational Coat of Arms. Thank you so much! The values and beliefs that we each hold as important in our lives guide our goals, our behaviour and our interactions with others. While the best way to demonstrate our values is certainly through action, it is also special to represent them in a visual way.

While there are many important things we value at Turnbull School, I learned that a Coat of Arms should be clear, uncluttered and well balanced. So I appreciate the Herald’s creative ability to provide symbols that have many layers of meaning!

On the screen you can see the overall school Coat of Arms, as well as the flag at the bottom left that we have been granted to fly, and a School badge with the bull’s face. The flag takes a few of the elements from the overall Coat of Arms.
So let’s now look at those elements in more detail.

First we have what are called the Supporters, who are:

The motto at the bottom, “A Place to Grow”:

The Arms section, is the central portion:

The Crest, forming the top portion includes:

In addition, you can see that there are some other plants and seeds to represent nature, showing the importance our School community puts on taking care of the environment. But the particular choices have additional meanings:

And finally, I take you back to the Arms section, which contains the central and significant theme of who we are.

The starburst: